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HLX helps you to connect, co-create and invent. We are launching an innovation ecosystem in the heart of central Kuala Lumpur at Menara HLA. Think coworking, coliving, events spaces and innovation labs all integrated in one building.

HLX Management SDN. BHD. (HLXm) is a new startup, 100% owned by Guocoland Malaysia, created to develop and operate Integrated Innovation Centres (IICs) branded as HLX.

HLXm works with property owners to build sustainable innovation ecosystems to rejuvenate buildings within their property portfolio. HLXm curates events & programs to attract tenants to these buildings and facilitate innovation. HLXm’s expertise is in applying and customizing its innovation playbook to specific localized needs.

About Us

Innovation is a team game. Ideas can come from individuals but innovation comes from collision, collaboration and co-creation.

At HLX, we curate innovation to maximize and sustain it’s economic value. This curation comes firstly from bringing great potential partners into the ecosystem. Secondly, we match innovation partners and facilitate their value exchange.

For example, a company writes a problem statement and pitches this to a group of startups. The startups go away and bring their ideas, skills and technology to the problem. The startups then come back and pitch to the company. The company likes some of the ideas and pays two startups to run pilot programs. One of these pilots is very successful and the startup wins a large contract.

Another example is how Malaysian industry is facing skills shortages. HLX Academy talks to ecosystem players to understand their priority competency requirements. HLX Academy then speaks to their programming partners. These partners then introduce upskilling training and programs to meets these needs. We also match expert mentors to high potential talent to speed up the talent development.

There are many more examples of how this innovation exchange plays out in the ecosystem. Why don’t you come and participate in the exchange?

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